Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chynna in Little Tokyo

Was it last year or the year before? I got the news that my friends were getting a divorce. What a shocker. Did not see it coming. I guess you really don't know what couples are going through behind the front door. That week, I called each of them on the phone and said I wasn't going to take sides and that my intention was to continue being both of their friends and if they had a problem with that, they should let me know. So one of was in town, David, and we went to go check out this place people had been telling me about. Dim Sum in Little Tokyo? We walked around the three story mall and finally had to ask a security guard were's this Dim Sum place? The entrance is from the first floor plaza not from the inside of the mall. Well, David is now a vegetarian/ pescaterian so we ordered accordingly. They have a great beer selection on tap. The Dim Sum has no MSG so it's el natural. I enjoyed it very much and so did David. I'm going to go back and have me some pork, though.

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