Friday, March 15, 2013

Traditions at USC

Recently, my dear friend artist Alexis Disselkoen asked me to speak about my art to her class of undergraduates at USC. Her class centers around LA as a cultural center and my talk was about my LA background and how that influenced my work. Afterwards, my daughter, Alexis and her TA Toro went to the restaurant located inside USC called Traditions Bar & Grill, 1607 Trousdale Parkway, LA CA 90089, 213-821-3445. We ordered beers and the Trojan Fries and Trojan Nachos. There's two big rooms. One has a large stage were students perform in front of their friends and the collegiate barflies and then the bar area has tables and booths and lots of flat screens all over the place. We lucked out and got to watch the last quarter of the CSULB Mens basketball game. It was a funny experience which was completely rendered fun due to the company.

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