Monday, March 25, 2013

The FIX in Echo Park

I learned from photographer Cindy Herrera about a coffee place I had no idea existed up Echo Park Avenue. I guess the furthest I'd ventured was Peter Shores studio but in fact, several more block up on the right is FIX, 2100 Echo Park Ave, LA CA 90026. It is slightly hidden but once you get there, it's a obvious as the sun. I ordered Handsome's Finca La Bolsa, Guatemala roast (Clementine, chocolate, brown sugar and graham) and a California Power Bar/Action Cookie. FIX has an interior and exterior seating area. They have very different vibes but both are very pleasing and make for a great coffee and food enjoyment atmosphere. I chose outdoor and the semi-serene although fairly populated tables and chairs makes for a unique balance of seclusion and collective energy. My coffee was awesome. I'd like to go back and have a meal. I was on my way to visit KCHUNG for the first time and since it was after work, i needed some caffeine to pick me up and it did or I was.

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