Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beijing Pie House in Monterey Park

Driving from one meeting to another in the San Gabriel Valley today, I remembered my friend telling me about a place that served Chinese Meat Pies in Monterey Park. Beijing Pie House is located at 846 East Garvey, Monterey Park CA 91755. I ordered the Mixed 3 item Pie (shrimp, egg and pork) and the Pancake Beef Roll. None of this sounds like what it actually is. I'm sure it would be better if they educated us to what the Chinese word for this food is but alas, it's even written this way in the menu. The "pie" is amazing. It's presented as small discs, under whelming and humble...until you bite into it. I burned myself. The hot soup explodes and all of a sudden it's a party in another land. This is amazing. I got four of them and could only finish three. The Pancake Beef Roll doesn't look anything like a pancake. it's more of a wrap. I don't think I ever had anything like this before. It's a cross between a pot sticker and a spring roll and a quesadilla? It's equally as wonderful. I couldn't finish that one either. Thank goodness for take out boxes, however not good for the environment.

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