Saturday, September 29, 2012

Coffee Bar in Downtown LA

So yesterday, Gronk posts a photo of an inviting interior of a cafe. The caption was something like, "finally opened, 6th and Spring", there's another pix of him in front of his painting. So, automatically, I think he's got a cafe with his painting in it on 6th and Spring. So for lunch, I take the subway, walk to 6th and Spring and as i get closer, I start to feel really stupid. It's a Starbucks, a new Starbucks. No Gronk paintings inside. What was I thinking? I scan the corner and catch a cool looking coffee place with a sign in front that says "lunch menu". The servers were very sweet and my eye went straight to the menu item, "Pork Belly and Jelly, $8". What? the pork belly is intense, almost evil good. The jam is homemade in house and there's a spread of almond butter. The toasted bread is kind of caramelized but I forgot to ask what it was. This is a delicious sandwich. It comes with little dills. My espresso was delicious. You could really taste the roast, the heated water and that lemon like after taste. Coffee Bar, 600 S Spring Street, LA CA 90014.

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