Friday, October 29, 2010

Bento Man on Western Ave

There's an old skool Japanese snack shack called Bento Man that I pass by near my house just south of K-Town. It's always closed so I never got to check it out until this week when I was driving on Western after a meeting. I believe I ate here a really long time ago like maybe 20 years ago but since then, not one visit. Bento Man is located at 1500 South Western Ave LA CA 90006, 323-733-5316. I ordered the combo which has both teriyaki beef and chicken on hot rice with that awesome pasta salad. It was very old school. It reminded me of the bento's we would get at my Saturday Japanese School back in the 70's. They also have udon, mabo rice and sushi's. Nostalgic and awesomely authentic LA.


tee said...

I like Bento Man too! It is right around the corner from my job. Good comfort food at inexpensive prices. Nice people! He even gave me a cute puppy calendar this year. :)

Collage Ensemble Inc. said...

Puppy Calendar? Aw, how lucky!!!