Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Annas Catering Truck

Recently, a local law was past restricting catering trucks to one hour parking. Evidently too many restaurants complained that these meals-on-wheels have been parking too close to their places and stealing customers. I heard this great report on the radio with Jonathan Gold about his love for taco-trucks. All this inspired me to order some tacos Saturday afternoon. I found one near my house on Pico Blvd. near Arlington, parked in front of the Arlington Church which is now the Ethiopian Church. The truck was clean as heck. Peaking in the interior, I saw a really well designed kitchen area. It was definitely a custom job. They placed plastic chairs against the chain link fence for customers to eat on site. I ordered two Carne Asada and two Al Pastor tacos. Yummmmm! While they were making them, I noticed a hand written sign that said "NOPALES" (cactus). The asked if I liked Nopales and of course I said I love Nopales, could you put some in the tacos. They said yes and didn't even charge me for it. AWESOME!!!

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