Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Good Coffee Shop in Seattle WA

It's a privilege to travel for work. I was in Seattle last week and had a great time at the ArtPLace Summit. On one of our breaks, I had to get out of the hotel ballroom and walked around. I found this place a couple of blocks away. it turns out to be a roaster and not a coffee shop. Xtreme OG place called the The Good Coffee Shop, 818 Post Avenue, Seattle WA. I was the only person in this rather long shop filled with coffee goods, bags of beans, a huge roaster and STUFF. It felt more like a warehouse than a store. After a short while, someone in the back realized i was standing there and came out. I asked them which is their most popular roast that's on the mild side. Antigua. When I came bac to LA, I poured cups for Ms Lea and I. We liked it. It reminded me of the generation of coffee I grew up with but a deeper scaled version of it. I remember Yuban, Folgers, Cock-Full-of-Nuts, the coffee at the Apple Pan or Phillipes. 818 Post Avenue Seatle WA 98104

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