Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ramen Yamashita in Culver City

Several told me about this place. Best ramen in LA? in Culver City? I had to check it out. I hooked up with fabulous artist Jennifer Moon and off we went. We ordered the Shoyu Ramen, Ikura (Salmon eggs) and takoyaki. I also ordered extra garlic for my ramen. The Ikura was served on a bed of rice that had seaweed mixed in. This was really delicious. The takoyaki was great and fun as takoyaki often is. The ramen was a little disappointing. The soup was good, the noodles oddly like somen noodles but what was a real downer is the chashu tasted like it had freezer burn. OUCH! Everything about the ramen was great except for that chashu. It was a real bummer. What makes me happy is when all of the chef's attention to detail is apparent and there's an orchestration of the subtle and the accented. Unfortunately, bad chashu accented this meal in the wrong way. It was a real bummer but I would go back for that Ikura dish!!!

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