Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Naples Sushi in Long Beach

The word "Omakase", is a powerful word. Yes, it means that you are asking the sushi chef to choose the course of sushi for your meal. You are putting great trust and commitment to the mastery of the chef in front of you. Perhaps, it's the greatest compliment you can give to a sushi chef because it's at the beginning of the meal. So my son and I walked in to Naples Sushi (peculiar name) and decided to go this way. It turned out to be the perfect direction. Not knowing anything about this place, we chose the most popular sushi chef because as the evening continued, there was a line for this chef while the others hardly had customers. I mentioned that my son is now 21 so he could order a beer, which he didn't, interesting. So, in hindsight, this may had been a cue for the chef. He treated us so well and brought out an amazing array of fish both raw and cooked. The chef was generous and the fish was fresh and very delicious. Naples Sushi, 5662 E 2nd St, Long Beach CA 90803

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