Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rainbow Oaks Restaurant in Rainbow California

I had to go to Rainbow California for work last week and on my way back to LA stopped by this multi-store complex off the freeway which included Rainbow Oaks Restaurant, 4815 5th Pl. Rainbow CA 92028. The place was packed with several large groups waiting in front of the entrance. I walked in and asked the hostess if i could sit in the bar and of course "BOOM" I was sitting at the bar with a menu in the hand. I ordered the pull pork sandwich. Now, this isn't a fancy place but everyone there seemed to be positive and very busy. The server recommended the pull pork. The sandwich was Au Ju away from being a French Dip. The meat was tender and the bread a good deli quality. It's not a fancy sandwich but it was filling and yummy.

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