Saturday, September 9, 2017

Trejos Tacos on LaBrea

First of all, I am a Trejos fan to some degree. i want to see him succeed and I did enjoy his donut shop although I think I've only been there twice at this point. The first time I went to Trejos Tacos, I couldn't find any parking in a two block radius so I left. This time, however, I was determined so i paid the valet parking fee. Remember, this once was a Taco Bell. Now it's this upscale taco place. One of these tacos was $6. Most of them are $4. So three tacos and the valet is something like $20. The tacos were good but you know, this is LA so I can get ten tacos for $20 and they're amazing. I think this is sort of more like the Hard Rock Cafe or the RIP Planet Hollywood type of eatery. I almost already made up my mind that it was going to be delicious because of how much I spent on this little brown bag of tacos. They were good. I am afraid that all the other taco places will raise their prices because of Trejos Taco's prices. It would be taco gentrification. Yikes!

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