Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ginger Market in Pasadena

I am so very blessed (for a Pagan). i have an amazing circle of friends, many who are artists. Iris Yirei Hui is one such soul. She's currently getting her Masters at Columbia and designed a Metro poster celebrating the community of West Hollywood and had a mural at the Bow Tie (Rafa Esparza's project Con Safos) earlier this year. The poster should be in all of the buses and trains later this year. She was in town and had some time to meet me so we had brunch this past Sunday at Ginger Market, which I found out later is a regular hang for her and co-horts. BLT and a salad was shared. Stories were shared. Laughs and tears were shared. Iris is amazing. I feel so lucky. 217 S Michigan Avenue Pasadena CA 91106

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