Friday, October 23, 2015

K Bakery in Angelino Heights

I discovered this place a year or so ago while participating in the Big Parade, a city walking tour. K Bakery Cocina, 1258 W. Temple Street LA CA 90026, is a panaderia, juice bar and Mexican food cafe. On my way to work this morning, I decided to stop by a replenish the cookie jar I brought a couple of weeks ago. Our staff collectively has a ginormous sweet tooth and I am the demon to their addiction. I often bake cookies but I've noticed, with great pride, that when i fill the jar up with my homemades, they vanish by the end of the day or next, whereas if I fill it with bakery cookies or store bought commercial cookies, they last the week. So I stopped by K Bakery for their large gingers, peanut butter, sugar and choco-ship cookies which are all about 6" in diameter. They barely clear the opening of the cookie jar. Sugar addiction and I the supplier.

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