Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sakae Sushi in Gardena

Located at 1601 Redondo Beach Bl Gardena CA 90247, Sakae Sushi has been a long time staple of the Gardena community. I'd say it nears legendary status. Jonathan Gold actually has it on his top 101 places to eat in Los Angeles. Not too shabby. This box of sushi was the perfect snack for me the other day and only for $9. Such a deal!


Urban Earthen said...

This is by far the best LA food blog I have seen... I could never figure out why there wasn't something like this finally I stumbled on this thanks

Ear Meal Webcast said...

Wow, thank Urban Earthen, so kind of you to say. From one foodie to another, I am simply documenting my passion. My hometown and the bounty of eateries we have from edge to edge.