Saturday, April 12, 2014

California Pita in Downtown LA

Carole Nakano, Metro co-worker and I have lunch on an average of once every three years. Ha! She and I always see each other in the hallway or elevator and say "lunch soon!". So, we finally got a bite to eat at California Pita, 201 N Los Angeles St,Suite 9, LA CA 90012. It's that odd underground area at the ole LA Mall. Someone needs to re-vamp that area to make it nicer and less haunting. It screams "we don't give a damn about the condition of your dining experience". I'd never been to CA Pita before but Carole said it's one of her favorites. The food is moderate and the atmosphere has that middle school cafeteria vibe. All us government workers, putting down our guard and loosening up in the mess hall. I like it. What was really cool was the flat screens were showing a Barca game! I wish I could have stayed to watch the whole game. I miss doing that very much.

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